Hi, this is Richard Luis, CRNA, DNP, and leading provider of Sunshine Infusion. Here, at Sunshine Infusion we hope to provide a ray of light to those going through the everyday tussles of mental health struggles. I know from first-hand experience the effect the mind can inflict on the body and everyone else around. Having had friends, family and patients deal with psychiatric struggles was difficult to see, and what was harder was helping them cope through those times.

At our ketamine clinic, our purpose is to provide safe and effective care to those who are struggling with severe mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Our experienced team of clinicians will offer a full range of ketamine-assisted therapy and related supportive services to individuals seeking to use ketamine as a tool to better manage their mental health condition. Our goal is to help individuals create a positive and potently therapeutic experience from the therapeutic journey with ketamine, to foster changes in thought and behavior, and to reduce the impact of their mental health condition in order to promote a better quality of life.