Welcome to the Ketamine Therapy Glossary

Embarking on a ketamine therapy journey marks a significant and transformative decision for you and your loved ones. As you immerse yourself in the realm of ketamine therapy, you may encounter unfamiliar terms and ideas that spark questions or uncertainties.

This glossary aims to illuminate these terms, offering precise definitions and context. It stands as a dynamic resource, continuously refined with new terms and insights shared by our clients at SunshineInfusion.com. While comprehensive, this list may not encompass every term you encounter, given the diverse language used by different clinicians or contexts.

Always feel empowered to seek clarification or delve into the programs and protocols you are contemplating. Making well-informed choices is pivotal for your holistic health and well-being.

Should you have suggestions for additional terms or require clarification on any items presented here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. If you’re ready to commence your journey with seasoned professionals well-versed in ketamine therapy, you can kickstart the process by signing up here.

Ketamine Therapy

A groundbreaking treatment at SunshineInfusion.com, ketamine therapy leverages the powerful properties of ketamine to address a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Administered under the guidance of our expert clinicians, ketamine therapy offers a new pathway to healing.

Psychedelic Therapy

At SunshineInfusion.com, psychedelic therapy encompasses treatments that utilize substances like ketamine to induce altered states of consciousness. These sessions are designed to promote profound personal growth and emotional healing, all within a safe and controlled environment.

Intravenous (IV) Ketamine

Intravenous ketamine, a cornerstone service at SunshineInfusion.com, involves the administration of ketamine directly into the bloodstream through an IV. This method ensures rapid absorption and immediate therapeutic effects, overseen by our skilled medical team to ensure your comfort and safety.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Combining the therapeutic potential of ketamine with traditional psychotherapy, KAP at SunshineInfusion.com is a holistic approach to mental wellness. Our licensed therapists work closely with patients during their ketamine sessions to facilitate deeper insights and long-lasting healing.

Subanesthetic Dose

A subanesthetic dose refers to the lower dose of ketamine used in our therapeutic treatments at SunshineInfusion.com. Unlike higher doses used in surgical settings, these doses are carefully calibrated to induce the desired therapeutic effects without full sedation.


Neuroplasticity, a key benefit of ketamine therapy at SunshineInfusion.com, refers to the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new neural connections. This adaptability is crucial for recovery from mental health conditions, helping patients develop healthier thought patterns and behaviors.


Dissociation is a state often experienced during ketamine therapy sessions at SunshineInfusion.com. This feeling of detachment from one’s thoughts and body can facilitate profound therapeutic breakthroughs, allowing patients to explore their emotions and memories from a new perspective.


Integration is the process of making sense of the experiences and insights gained during ketamine therapy. At SunshineInfusion.com, our team provides continuous support to help you incorporate these insights into your daily life, ensuring lasting benefits and holistic healing.

Set and Setting

At SunshineInfusion.com, we emphasize the importance of set (mindset) and setting (environment) in our ketamine therapy sessions. A positive mindset and a safe, comfortable environment are essential for a beneficial therapeutic experience, and our clinic is designed to provide both.

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine infusions are a primary method of administration at SunshineInfusion.com, involving the controlled delivery of ketamine through an IV. Each infusion session is tailored to your unique needs, providing a personalized and effective treatment experience.

Rapid Antidepressant Effects

One of the remarkable features of ketamine therapy at SunshineInfusion.com is its rapid antidepressant effects. Unlike traditional antidepressants that can take weeks to show results, ketamine can alleviate symptoms of depression within hours, offering hope and relief to those in need.

Ketamine Nasal Spray

For those seeking an alternative to IV administration, SunshineInfusion.com offers ketamine nasal spray. This method provides a convenient and effective way to experience the therapeutic benefits of ketamine, all under the supervision of our experienced medical team.

Psychedelic Experience

A psychedelic experience at SunshineInfusion.com involves a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing facilitated by ketamine. These experiences are carefully guided by our clinicians to ensure they are safe, therapeutic, and transformative.

Pre-Treatment Evaluation

Before starting ketamine therapy at SunshineInfusion.com, each patient undergoes a thorough pre-treatment evaluation. This assessment helps our team determine the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Post-Treatment Support

At SunshineInfusion.com, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the therapy sessions. We offer comprehensive post-treatment support to help you integrate your experiences and maintain your mental health progress.


BDNF stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein found in the brain and body that helps regulate, heal, and promote the growth of new cells and synapses. BDNF plays a crucial role in synapse health, long-term memory, and emotional regulation. Often referred to as “fertilizer for the brain,” BDNF aids in developing new connections, repairing failing brain cells, and protecting healthy ones. Psychedelic experiences can increase BDNF levels, promoting a sense of mental flexibility.

Body Load

Body load refers to the specific physical or tactile sensations brought on by psychoactive drugs, especially psychedelics. It can be challenging or uncomfortable, involving feelings such as nausea or increased heart rate. At SunshineInfusion.com, we consider the body load of medicines when developing dosing protocols to ensure client safety and a comfortable, powerful experience.

Classical Psychedelics

“Classical” psychedelics include compounds like LSD, psilocybin (mushrooms), and N,N-DMT. These substances work on the serotonergic system, binding to the 5HT2A/B receptors. They reliably induce hallmarks of psychedelic experiences such as ego dissolution, altered sense of space/time, and novel insights. At SunshineInfusion.com, we focus on the therapeutic potential of these substances in a safe and controlled setting.

Container / Therapeutic Container

A container at SunshineInfusion.com refers to the secure structure supporting your transformation throughout the experience. It includes protocols, recommendations, and the overall arc of the experience, ensuring a safe and effective journey. Our clinicians emphasize the importance of a therapeutic container for sensitive or challenging experiences.

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative practices at SunshineInfusion.com include techniques like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, journaling, and walking. These practices support self-contemplation and help you stay present during sessions, aiding in the preparation and integration processes.


Contraindications are conditions where psychedelic therapy may be harmful rather than helpful. SunshineInfusion.com provides a comprehensive overview of contraindications to ensure safe and effective treatment, tailored to each individual’s health profile.

Default Mode Network (DMN)

The Default Mode Network (DMN) is a brain system responsible for the sense of self and normal functioning of the psyche. Psychedelic therapies at SunshineInfusion.com reduce DMN activity, leading to altered self-perception and facilitating mystical experiences.

Dosing Protocols

Dosing protocols at SunshineInfusion.com refer to the specific dosage and frequency of medication administration. Tailored to your unique needs and supervised by our clinical team, these protocols ensure safety and efficacy throughout the treatment program.


Embodiment at SunshineInfusion.com means staying grounded in your body and sensations. This practice helps you stay present during sessions, communicate effectively with your clinician, and turn abstract ideas into practical, real-world changes.

Endogenous / Exogenous

Endogenous compounds originate internally, while exogenous compounds come from outside the body. At SunshineInfusion.com, psychedelic medicines are exogenous, triggering physiological and phenomenological responses essential for therapeutic outcomes.

Felt Experience / Lived Experience

Your lived experience at SunshineInfusion.com includes the emotions, physical sensations, and mental processes that make up the present moment. Our clinicians value and validate each person’s unique experience, using it to guide the therapeutic process.

Guide / Care Team

SunshineInfusion.com’s care team includes clinicians, Guides, and Coaches who support you throughout your psychedelic therapy journey. Our team works collaboratively to ensure your safety, help unpack your experiences, and provide integration support.

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction at SunshineInfusion.com involves providing safe access and support for psychedelic experiences. Our initiatives include safe dosing materials, informational resources, and safe containers for processing emotions and challenging experiences.


Intentions at SunshineInfusion.com are guiding principles for your therapy sessions. They help focus your mind and provide direction for your healing journey, supporting the therapeutic process and enhancing the overall experience.

Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection at SunshineInfusion.com highlights the link between mental and physical health. Our holistic approach addresses both systems, promoting overall well-being and long-term positive behavior changes.


Neurobiological effects refer to the physical impacts of psychedelic compounds on the nervous system. At SunshineInfusion.com, we understand the neurobiological basis of these therapies and their downstream effects on overall health.

Phenomenological Experiences

Phenomenological experiences at SunshineInfusion.com encompass the direct mental and emotional sensations during therapy. Understanding these experiences helps our clinicians tailor treatment to your unique needs.

Processing / Unpacking

Processing involves working with your clinician to make sense of your experiences. Unpacking is breaking down these experiences into manageable pieces. At SunshineInfusion.com, both processes are essential for successful integration and healing.

Psychedelic / Mystical Experience

Psychedelic and mystical experiences at SunshineInfusion.com involve altered states of consciousness with common hallmarks like ego dissolution and novel insights. These experiences are guided by our clinicians to ensure they are safe and transformative.

Serotonergic System

The serotonergic system involves pathways that distribute and interact with serotonin. Many classical psychedelics work on this system. At SunshineInfusion.com, we leverage this knowledge to enhance the therapeutic potential of our treatments.

Side Effects

Side effects are unintended effects of medications. At SunshineInfusion.com, we provide a complete picture of potential side effects to help you make informed decisions about your treatment.

Set & Setting

Set & Setting at SunshineInfusion.com refer to your mindset and physical environment during therapy. Adequately preparing these elements ensures a safe and powerful experience aligned with your healing goals.


Trust. Let Go. Be Open. (TLO) is a mantra used at SunshineInfusion.com to help clients navigate their psychedelic experiences. This time-tested