What to Expect During a Ketamine Session

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Ketamine session offers a unique therapeutic approach, promising relief for various mental health conditions. These sessions, carefully structured and supervised by healthcare professionals, involve a series of distinct phases. From the initial consultation to the administration of ketamine and the subsequent post-session integration, individuals embark on a journey of altered perceptions and psychological experiences. 

This article presents the comprehensive process, outlining what participants can anticipate before, during, and after a ketamine session. Understanding these elements is pivotal in preparing for the transformative and potentially profound effects of this innovative therapeutic modality.

Before the Actual Procedure

Before starting a ketamine session, individuals undergo a crucial phase of consultation and assessment. Qualified healthcare professionals carefully review medical histories and provide preparation guidelines, ensuring the session’s suitability and safety. Here are the essential steps in this preliminary process.

Consultation and Assessment

Individuals typically undergo a comprehensive consultation and assessment with a qualified healthcare professional. This step is crucial in determining the suitability of ketamine therapy for the individual’s specific needs.

Medical History Review

The healthcare provider will review the patient’s medical history to ensure there are no contraindications or potential risks associated with ketamine administration.

Preparation and Guidelines

Patients receive specific guidelines to prepare for the session, which may comprise fasting requirements and the discontinuation of certain medications. Clear communication with the healthcare team is essential to address any concerns or questions.

During the Ketamine Session

After you receive the preparation guidelines, starting a Ketamine session involves controlled administration and meticulous monitoring. Trained professionals guide you through varied sensory and psychological encounters. Here’s what you can expect during the session.


Ketamine is administered in a controlled environment, often through intravenous infusion, although other methods, such as intramuscular injection or nasal spray, may be used. The dosage is carefully monitored to achieve the desired therapeutic effects.

Monitoring and Support

Throughout the session, patients are closely monitored by trained healthcare professionals to ensure their safety. Supportive provisions, both physical and emotional, are in place to manage any unexpected reactions or discomfort.

Sensory and Psychological Experience

Individuals may undergo various sensory and psychological experiences during the session. These can include altered perceptions, vivid imagery, and a dissociative state. The therapeutic effects of ketamine are often intertwined with these subjective experiences.

After the Procedure

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Following a ketamine session, patients undergo a recovery period marked by potential grogginess or disorientation. Post-session integration aids in processing experiences, while awareness of side effects like nausea is crucial. Here are the key considerations for a smooth post-procedure experience.

Recovery Period

There is a recovery period during which patients may experience lingering effects of the drug. It’s common for individuals to feel groggy or disoriented immediately after the session.

Post-Session Integration

Many practitioners emphasize the importance of post-session integration, where patients have the opportunity to discuss their experiences, thoughts, and emotions with the healthcare team. This helps in processing and integrating the insights gained during the ketamine session.

Potential Side Effects

Understanding potential side effects, such as nausea or changes in perception, is crucial. Patients are advised to report any unexpected or concerning symptoms to their healthcare provider promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the minimum age for Ketamine infusion?

The minimum age for Ketamine therapy varies among clinics, often starting at 13 years old. However, specific age requirements differ, and individual medical centers establish their minimum age criteria for Ketamine treatment.

Q2: How does Ketamine help treat depression?

Ketamine’s distinct mechanism impacts the glutamate system, aiding in the release of a crucial growth factor that repairs damaged neurons affected by stress and mental illness. This process potentially leads to rapid mood improvement within hours or days, along with long-term nerve cell regeneration.

Q3: Are there any specific medical conditions that would prevent me from receiving Ketamine treatment?

Ketamine infusion therapy isn’t recommended for individuals diagnosed with psychosis. Patients with high blood pressure, cardiac, or pulmonary issues may require medical clearance from their primary care physician before starting ketamine infusions.

Q4: Will I be asleep during the procedure?

You’re likely to remain awake during the procedure. While the infusion dosage might induce mild drowsiness, it typically doesn’t cause unconsciousness. However, individual responses can vary. It’s advisable to consult your healthcare provider for specific details regarding the effects and expectations during the procedure.

Q5: Can I eat and/or drink prior to my Ketamine infusion?

Before a Ketamine treatment, avoid solid foods and milk for six hours. Clear liquids (like water, pulp-free fruit juices, tea, and black coffee) are acceptable until two hours before the infusion. However, alcohol and illicit drugs should be entirely avoided due to their dangerous interactions with Ketamine.


Understanding the intricate phases of a Ketamine session is vital in embracing its therapeutic potential. From meticulous preparation and the immersive experience to post-session integration, individuals partake in a transformative journey. With careful guidance and awareness of potential effects, one can navigate this innovative therapy, fostering hope for mental health improvement and holistic well-being.

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